Experiencing a Women’s Circle

I did not know what to expect from a Circle, as I’ve never participated in one before, and I am generally not too much into the spiritual stuff. It was an interesting and even transformative experience. The informational e-mail up front was very helpful in preparing me for the event. While I haven’t completely changed my values or beliefs, it opened up the possibilities to more openness. I was stunned by the strong kinship I felt after barely an hour of talking and listening to the other participants. It left me with a warm yet vulnerable feeling. The guidance was stellar, with just the right amount of guiding us into a calm and open frame of mind, adding to the conversation and the gentle closing of a moment that could’ve easily lasted for an hour or so more. I also enormously appreciated the ‘aftercare’ e-mail, checking up on the participants and reminding us to tend to ourselves after the beautiful rawness of Circle. It’s not something for me for every week, but I am planning on doing this again.

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